Wall of Fame

wall of fame

UNITED STRONGMEN® Wall of Fame is a global honour for the people, who have left their footprint to the world of Strongman with positive way during the years of Modern day Strongman.
The owner of the award is choosen with the following principles:

1. Overall success, example, and perseveranse in Strongman as a competitor.
2. Long-Term work to support the event of Strongman without negative acts.
3. Other reasons.

In the beginning of this award there is around 20 people/institutions in the world who deserve the award and will get it during the years 2011-2015.
United Strongman® has had a trusted inside look to the world of Strongman for over 20 years and every award holder will be argumented separately along with the awarding.

Each named award will have two copies - another goes to the awarded person or his legal representative, another goes to United Strongmen™ Strenght Museum, which will be open in Finland around the year 2015. 

The first awards will be announced in October 2011 and given out in Jon-Påll Sigmarsson Classic in Reykjavik, Iceland (Nov.5th, 2011).

Below is the outlook of the award. Painted by the artist Yvette Holden.

jps wall of fame